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We know chiropractic works, but don’t take our word for it – this is what our patients have to say!

For Shockwave Therapy testimonials, please see the Shockwave Therapy page

“I have suffered with severe pain for months; the doctor could only prescribe pain killers which were of no use. I am an active person and have been unable to do any exercise. I didn’t know what to expect from a chiropractor and was desperate! After 3 meetings, I feel fantastic. Justin immediately recognised my problem and the cause, and has given me my life back! I would recommend Justin to anyone suffering and thank him very much. Worth every penny”

E Parker

“I visited with a bad back a while ago and saw Roland who was brilliant at sorting my back out. I recently developed a frozen shoulder and returned to the clinic for treatment with Justin (see Shockwave Therapy page). If anyone is suffering I would highly recommend you go to see the professionals – they know exactly what they are doing. All the staff are very friendly, pleasant and easy to talk to. They make you feel welcome. A big thank you to you all”

Amanda Taylor

“I always feel a lot better after treatment with Justin. He is very professional and his advice is always very useful as long as I have the discipline to follow it. Staff here are also very polite and helpful”

S Chan

“I have pulled a muscle in my back several times over the last 10 years, the pain is excrutiating. My doctors seemed uninterested and offered little help. I had always been a little sceptical about visiting a chiropractor but this is no longer the case. I walked in unsteady and on crutches and walked out carrying my crutches. Justin was fantastic – got lots of great advice and my recovery time was greatly reduced”

L Fretter

“I have found that from my first consultation to my third I have had fantastic results. The treatment wasn’t painful and really did make a difference. I would definitely recommend this treatment”

Karen Ramsden

“My lower back was very painful. After 2 weeks a friend recommended me to the Halifax Chiropractic Centre. I noticed improvement after my first treatment. Having had 2 more treatments with Justin, I am very pleased with the results. I can well recommend the Halifax Chiropractic Centre”

Joyce Wilkinson

“After a recommendation from my doctor, I went to see Mr Justin Bartholomew to have treatment on my back and neck.  After only 4 sessions I am greatly improved and almost back to normal”

Jenny Smith

“Friendly and welcoming staff with every treatment fully explained in Layman’s terms. Great appointments service, very flexible and useful text reminders. I would not hesitate to recommend/visit again”

Chris Russell

“I found the treatment I received was extremely beneficial, also very effective and applied with a professional understanding. Justin answered my questions to my satisfaction and I was left with the feeling of well-being and was highly delighted all round”

Patricia Benjafield

“I experienced  pain that lingered for months.  I had come across HCC in a professional capacity and made the call for help. Justin was fantastic and very professional. He used a revolutionary infra-red laser which worked a treat. I began to feel better after the first couple of sessions. I can now carry on with my day to day life. I thoroughly recommend HCC. The reception staff always have a caring and amusing welcome which makes you feel better, and Justin is just “A God” in my eyes. Looking forward to my next session”

Diane Nuttall

“I have had a recurring back problem for many years whereby a simple twist of my back can end up with stabbing pains when I move it. A week or so of rest and care normally fixes the problem but this time it went on for several weeks and showed no sign of going away. I took my wife’s advice and went to see her Chiropractor, Justin Bartholomew at Halifax Chiropractic Centre. When I arrived, Ann, who is Justin’s wife, at reception made me feel at ease and welcome in the pleasantly warm waiting area. Justin, who treated me, was very polite, friendly and professional. I had an in depth consultation to put forward my problems in detail before treatment. Justin explained all the way through treatment what he was doing and for what reason; he totally put me at my ease. Besides bone and muscle manipulation and massage, I also had a new Laser treatment which Justin is very proud of and, because I was interested in the technology, he went into great detail to enlighten me on the subject. I came out of the treatment room feeling great. The actual stabbing pains have never returned since that treatment in mid February (2014). I had some aching in the lower back region which has been cleared up after another couple of visits, and I still feel great. I shall be returning early April (2014) for a check up etc but I have nothing but praise for this practice. Ann and Justin are first class, warm, friendly and very professional”

Gordon Shannon

“Thanks very much for the treatment – can’t believe how quickly I felt better, and the staff are always very friendly”

N. Beaumont

“I would just like to say a massive thank you to the Halifax Chiropractic Centre. From making the appointment to the consultation and the treatment – totally professional. Justin explained everything clearly. I cannot believe how quickly the treatment worked. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone. If you are in pain, just make an appointment”

Margaret Holland

“What excellent treatment. From acute, distressing and immobilising pain – within days after the treatment the symptoms and pain were so relieved. I also really liked the cleanliness and standard of the building and facilities, and the clarity of information given throughout the treatment. A great service and one I would highly recommend. Thank you.”

R. Neville

“After having had an ongoing problem with knee and leg pain and trying various treatments, a particularly acute episode prompted me to visit the clinic. The results have been brilliant. Roland has made my leg feel virtually normal – thank you so much. I am able to walk, run and go to the gym again. All the staff are kind and friendly and, above all, reassuring. I should have been before”

M.H. (female)

 “Successful treatment every visit. Friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere. I was initially off work for 22 weeks with back problems and after 3 weeks of treatment was pain free! Now I come on regular basis to maintain a healthy spine”

M.H. (male)

“A colleague suggested I come here. It has really helped me – beats painkillers. I would strongly recommend it”

B. Greenwood

“We both have 2 monthly appointments to keep us in good shape. We are more than happy with the service at this professional and friendly practice”

Christine Duttine & Jeffrey Butler

“I have nothing but praise for the HCC. Ann and Julie are always pleasant and empathetic. Justin has made an amazing difference to my back and neck where others before him have failed. No Shockwave Therapy as I have a pacemaker – just skill. I look forward to the time when I just need an MOT. Thank you to all the team”


“My friend recommended Halifax Chiropractic Centre, and I was diagnosed with a misaligned spine and a protruding disc in my lower back. I needed treatment to realign my spine and to regain muscle strength. Also, my son Oscar received treatment from Roland at only a few months old.  I cannot stress enough to the people I meet, the importance of the chiropractic services that Roland and Justin give to the well-being of their patients. I also would like to thank Ann and Julie for giving such a warm welcome on arrival – especially when I have been in various states of fitness and not feeling at my best. Keep up the good work guys and gals… book me in for a check-up in 3 months please” :)

Andrew Leonard

“After weeks of severe pain and a visit to the Doctor, I decided to try a chiropractor. A friend recommended the Halifax Chiropractic Centre. I arrived for my appointment – the reception and other staff were very friendly. I went for my assessment and was told I could be helped. To cut a long story short I now attend just once every 3-4 months for a “service”. The pain is completely gone and I would recommend to anyone with any type of joint pain. A totally professional service from everyone.”

Stuart Humphreys

“I came to Halifax Chiropractic Centre on the recommendation of a friend. In the 6 months prior to this I had severe lower back pain. I had been to my doctor and tried physiotherapy but this didn’t work for me. After 5 sessions I felt so much better and was able to make less frequent visits. I have no problems at all now and just visit twice a year for check-ups.”

M. Oates

“Myself and my three boys come for treatment on/off as required. Recently, I attended following a severe neck problem. I couldn’t have been in better hands for my recovery. I’m always guaranteed a warm, friendly welcome. Many thanks from a happy family.”

Sara Whitehead

“I was a very nervous patient indeed – I shouldn’t have worried as the Halifax Chiropractic Centre have been fantastic. From the minute I phoned to book my first appointment to the treatment I received the team have been brilliant. Their professionalism, empathy and knowledge is outstanding. I cannot express how much they have done for me and my family, and my appointments are now mainly for maintenance and prevention. I look forward to my appointments – it’s like visiting old friends.”

Michelle Finlay

“I first went to Halifax Chiropractic Centre in February 2012 after tearing a muscle in the back of my leg. Three years previously I had a knee replacement from which I developed cellulitis, which continued to come and go for 2 years. As a consequence I was not able to rebuild the muscles surrounding and above the knee, and this resulted in not being able to walk and bend the knee without pain. Since Justin gave me treatment and exercises, I can now bend my knee and I can walk better. When I went back to see the knee surgeon, he was highly delighted with my improvement and asked me to pass on to Justin how impressed he was with the result.”

A. Roberts

” For the first time in at least four and a half years I am virtually free of pain. I have been suffering from cervical spondylitis and spasms in my neck. My GP had told me on several occasions that I had to suffer the pain – the alternative would be to “make me into a Zombie”. I had come to rely heavily on pain killers and a cervical collar. Since having a short course of treatment with you, I only use the collar when I go to bed and have reduced my painkillers by half. I am really grateful for your highly professional services. You and your staff have really sorted me out.”

David Craven

“Halifax Chiropractic Centre was recommended to myself after having suffered several years of neck and back pain. I tried other methods of pain relief – all failed. I had nothing to lose. I can honestly say the treatment I have received has been fantastic. The staff are more than willing to help, and my chiropractor’s treatment has helped me to stay in the job that I love (I am a paramedic). I cannot praise them enough.”

L. Simpson

“I have found the treatment extremely beneficial. I am always made to feel welcome and put at ease, and have recommended the practice to many friends and colleagues.”

Anne Rollinson

“I came to the centre back in 2003 to try and resolve a longstanding issue of having severe spasms in my neck, which were exacerbating already bad headaches. Since my initial treatment I have not had a single spasm. Initially I started with a few treatments in quick succession but now I only attend once every 3 months just to ensure everything is in “working order”. Roland and, in fact, all the staff are so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, I would now consider them to be friends rather than staff at a medical centre. We always have a laugh which is a great way to help stay relaxed and stress free. I would, and indeed have, highly recommend them to anyone.”

S. Moore

“My chiropractor is my lifeline, he keeps me able to enjoy life with a quick visit every now and then. When nothing else worked – this did! I now need never suffer with back pain again.”

Lisa Laurence

“A very friendly and professional service. The assessment is comprehensive, and treatments are well explained and executed. My neck movements are much better and the pain relief is wonderful. Excellent care from nice people.”

Shaun McCallion (Occupational Therapist)

“The staff at HCC are always friendly and professional, greeting you with a warm welcome and a smile. After suffering neck and lower back problems for many years, they were recommended to me by a friend – I’m so glad! The problems are now a thing of the past, though I still attend periodically for routine maintenance. The 18 mile round trip from Leeds is not a chore! I cannot praise and recommend them highly enough – excellent!”

G. Wilson

“I have had lower back pain for over 2 years now. Since attending sessions it has significantly reduced. Everybody is helpful and friendly, and immediately puts you at ease. A thoroughly professional service and an appointment I look forward to attending”

A. Drake

“I went to Halifax Chiropractic Centre with neck, shoulder and arm pain which was causing discomfort and headcahes. After treatment from Justin everything is so much improved – I have had no headaches and my arm has improved 80% – great result!”

W. MacGregor

“I have attended Halifax Chiropractic Centre. The visit begins with the warm, friendly, professional staff welcoming you followed by a thorough consultation and treatment from the chiropractor. I have sought treatment over the years, have been relieved of my pain and would highly recommend to anyone”

J. Bennett

“The experience and understanding of back problems is first class, and is clearly explained. Great therapy to match. Reduces the pain and builds confidence. Well worth a visit.”

C. Weatherburn

“I had never had such pain like it and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I could hardly walk and couldn’t sleep for pain. At times I was almost in tears. A friend recommended the Halifax Chiropractic Centre and after 5 visits I can now smile again and, more importantly, WALK! (without pain). I cannot recommend them highly enough. Professional, friendly, caring and good at what they do”

Angela Timlin

“I have suffered for the last 12 months with unbearable upper back pain. The Halifax Chiropractic Centre was recommended to me. After two sessions with Justin the improvement I felt was unbelievable, as time has gone on and following three more sessions I feel well on the road to recovery. I always feel to be treated with dignity and respect by the professionals who are a credit to their profession.”

P. Stead

“I have suffered for years with back problems, but since coming to your clinic and you identified the problem I am 100% better and lead a normal life”

John Priestley

“I have been visiting the clinic for some years and have always found the treatments provide the most rapid and effective treatment to my back pain. However, during a treatment session the conversation moved on to my failed knee surgery of 2 years ago. I have suffered since the operation with some considerable pain and loss of mobility which for a dad in his mid-30s with three young children is a problem. After just 4 treatments my knee feels better than it has for years – I cannot recommend them highly enough”

Richard Scott

“I suffered from shoulder pain for many months which my GP was unable to resolve. Halifax Chiropractic Centre made a quick diagnosis and after several treatments my pain was effectively cured”

N. Holdsworth

“After having lower back pain I was recommended to visit Halifax Chiropractic Centre. For me, treatment was quick and easy and, after a few visits, my back pain was relieved. I would highly recommend Halifax Chiropractic Centre!”

C. Burke

“All the staff at Halifax Chiropractic Centre – both clinical and reception – have been amazingly supportive over the years. I have a chronic condition which puts strain on my spine and at times it has only been the treatments I have received which got me walking again. They’re all an absolute lifeline”

Helen Filby-Scoffin

“Justin and his team have always been there at the end of the telephone whether it has been an emergency or as regular MOT as I call it. When I’m broken I know I can go to him to be put back together again. I cannot praise them enough”

Tricia Fletcher

“After years of suffering and trying other treatments and remedies I finally tried chiropractic treatment. Not only have I received excellent patient care, I have managed to sleep through a whole night without waking up from shoulder and back pain”

M. Sheehan

“After years of back and neck problems I finally had Roland recommended to me. I cannot praise highly enough what he has done for me. I have recommended the Centre to friends and family, and find them all very caring, friendly and helpful”

Ruth Sutcliffe

“I have attended the Halifax Chiropractic Centre on a regular basis for treatment to my lower back. Prior to attending HCC I tried other treatments but none have helped long term as well as HCC. I find the staff to be helpful and courteous at all times and recommend the service whole heartedly”

P. Highley